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JapCars Grand Meet Lithuania 2017

24 Apr 2017 11:24

Vieta: Kauņa, Lietuva
Laiks: 21.05.2017. no plkst. 10:00 līdz 20:00
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2140061 ... _tab=about

Kaunas is a magical place where every petrol head‘s dreams comes true - Nemunas Ring where JAPCars Grand meet is going to take place is calling for all Japanese car lovers to come and take part in a huge event organised by TOYOTA Lithuania Club in cooperation with other Japanese car clubs.

There will be a huge variety of Japanese cars and a lot of interesting activities for everyone. This event is exceptional only to Japanese car brands and their crews.

TOYOTA Lithuania Club is a quite young group, which is trying to move only forward, calls for all Japanese car clubs to join this exceptional event, to make it bigger, better and of course – louder.

Expected activities of the day:

• Auto-show
• Drag
• Slalom
• Best sporty car
• Best wheels
• Best stance / drop
• Best sounding exhaust

Other events:

• Auto diagnostics for the event participants: problem finding/solving
• Personal professional car photoshoot
• For all the spectators convenience: food, drinks and many more.

Participant form:
https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIp ... rm?c=0&w=1

Early registration for participant’s starts in 2017-03-21 until 2017-04-21. Application fee is 15 Eur (applications is limited). From 2017-04-22 to 2017-05-04 fee will be 20 Eur.

For the spectators:
Early access tickets will cost 2 Eur from 2017-03-21 to 2017-05-04, festival day - 3 Eur. Early access ticket holders will be given an opportunity of priority entry to event. Early access tickets are based on the date of payment.
Entering the premises of the event will be granted only for registered participants (only with a JAP car, excluding staff). All participants of the event will be allowed to participate in all the races and events.

Participants charge will not change (if you want to participate in 1 or 2 events) it will be 15 or 20 Eur depending on your registration time.

*Unmodified cars are welcome too - don’t be afraid, just come and see.

Dear all, this is one of the most important announcements about safety and security:

1. During the event everyone is fully responsible for themselves and the condition of their car, In case, the car has obvious faults, organizers will have full option to disqualify the participant from the race or in some cases will be banned from the event.

2. Aggressive, abusive and in some other cases were behavior could spoil the event, individuals will be asked out of the event as well.

3. Individuals who will be drinking in public or using other toxic substances, littering and damaging public property, including road surface (including drifting and burn-out'ing in not designated places) will be asked out without a notice.

4. Alcohol will not be on sale in premises of the event.

• For accreditations of partnership, photographers, journalists, volunteers please contact via email: promoprojectslt@gmail.com

*We have probably the best place in Lithuania. Check it out !

Powered by TOYOTA Lithuania Club

Re: JapCars Grand Meet Lithuania 2017

17 Mai 2017 20:50

kads no kluba brauc? Mes uz divam celicam startejam sestdien ap 12 diena,un no rita no viesnicas uzreiz uz pasakumu

Re: JapCars Grand Meet Lithuania 2017

18 Mai 2017 15:31

garfik rakstīja:kads no kluba brauc? Mes uz divam celicam startejam sestdien ap 12 diena,un no rita no viesnicas uzreiz uz pasakumu

Mēs brauksim ar savējo. Izbraucam jau 5dienas vakarā un līdz svētdienai dzīvosimies pa Kauņu un tad jau arī uz pasākumu. Kādi jums ir vietu numuri iedalīti?

Re: JapCars Grand Meet Lithuania 2017

10 Jūl 2017 07:36

Kā Jums gāja? Kādi spilgtākie mirkļi ko atceraties? :)
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